small bathroom storage struggles

by stylesoapbox

Even though I’ve lived in my current apartment for just over a year now, a storage solution for my pint-sized bathroom is still an issue. A year and a half ago, I went from this:

To this:

Just kidding. More like this:

Goodbye counter space and extra storage, hello bathroom claustrophobia. In addition to losing roughly half the overall space and storage, the medicine cabinet can’t fit anything taller than six inches – leaving most of my bathroom supplies under the sink.
This leads me to the purpose of this post – storage solutions for a small bathroom. After doing a little research, here are a few options I’m considering:
1. Under the medicine cabinet. I’d have to consider the spacing between the cabinet and the sink, but I love the idea of utilizing this space.
2. Wall-mounted storage. While there is a decent amount of wall space that could be used, anything too large could prevent being able to fully open the door…annoying. I really love this wall organizer from Vitro Uten Silo – but $350 for a sheet of plastic? No thank you. Another option is this multi-compartment organizer that can sit on the countertop or hang on the wall.
I also found a few other wall storage options that could work, like these hanging baskets. Even though I love the look, I think they might be too bulky and perpetuate the already-cramped feeling.
3. Under the sink. I love these options simply because they require the least work and space. The space below the sink is already full of my bathroom junk, so reorganizing that area would make sense.   These options include using sliding bins and shelves to easily access items back-of-the-cabinet items, and installing hooks to the inside of cabinet doors. Another genius idea: attaching flat-backed, self-adhesive cups to the inside of the cabinet doors to hold brushes and combs. 
Have you discovered other small-space storage ideas that work well for you? This solution has been a long time coming, so I’m hoping to make a decision soon. Keep an eye out for an exhilarating update of a newly-organized bathroom.